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Listening: Harrison Birtwistle

Harrison Birtwistle performed by Ensemble ISIS, 25/06/14

Birtwistle is probably the Harrison with whom I am least familiar. Harrison Ford comes first, and then…actually I’m struggling to think of any others. I suppose a distant second could be the work of Harrison & Harrison, organ builders. Very distant second. But behind even them, Birtwistle – a lack of familiarity my phone keyboard chose to illustrate by rendering this week’s event as ‘birthwhistle concert at christ church’.
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Listening: ‘Nova Metamorfosi’, Le Poeme Harmonique dir. Vincent Dumestre

Nova Metamorfosi, Le Poème Harmonique, dir. Vincent Dumestre (Alpha, 2003)

What would you play to someone if you wanted to show them how music made you feel? Is there one disc that captures what it is about a particular style that enthralls you, that gives you the sort of visceral pleasure that makes you laugh unprompted, or that makes you want to squeal with pleasure? It’s not easy. But for me I think it might be this one. Read the rest of this entry »