Procrastination for Musicians #59: Bach Cantata Bingo

I noticed this a couple of years ago, and it had me in stitches. That probably says more about me than anything else. Anyway, go to the IMSLP’s Bach page and get Google to translate it into English. Here are some of my favourite cantata bingo numbers:

Increased flesh and blood, BWV 173

Strangled lamb that the custody seal, BWV 455

Happy people, hilarious Saxony, BWV Anh.12

Hilarious Ruh, popular soul desire, BWV 170

There are also quite a few references to a ‘Mr Christian’.

The translation matrix has obviously been improved since I last did this, since I can no longer find some of the more bizarre ones. But if you need more fuel for the bingo fire, some kind soul uploaded Christoph Graupner’s entire cantata output onto IMSLP here, so there’s plenty more. Who can forget the classics, “Oh Jesus, we are sore, GWV 1154/46”, or “Argentina world you wrong snake, GWV 1143/2”?