What games can do – BioShock & Genre

For a while now, there has been talk of what a ‘Citizen Kane’ moment might look like for video gaming. So much so, in fact, that an amusing tumbr has been set up to document mentions of it. Last week a review compared a game to Bach,┬áJames Joyce, and the aforementioned movie in the same sentence, seemingly without irony. Every week, it seems, somebody writes about whether Citizen Kane: The Game has been made, whether it should be made, or whether Citizen Kane was any good anyway (general response: it was fine). What they’re referring to is a sort of singularity – one game that will prove to the non-gaming world the validity of the medium. A game that will show the mainstream that, far from sitting in a dressing gown engaging in morally dubious virtual activities, gamers are in fact engaged in the contemplation of ART.

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