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Performing: Bad Music by Good Composers


It’s the height of the Lieder Festival here in Oxford. A host of stellar performers have graced various venues with nuanced and insightful performances of songs by the principal architect of German artsong, Franz Schubert. The goal is to perform all 600-odd songs set by him, as well as a sampling of his other, less well-known music.

It’s in this latter category that I’ve found myself this week. Christ Church Cathedral Choir’s contribution to this Oxford-wide celebration of Schubert is a liturgical performance of his Mass in C. Presumably some other choir had already nabbed the Mass in G, the only one regularly performed by English choirs, or perhaps we decided to boldly venture into the unknown for the sake of unearthing an under-performed treasure. It’s safe to say we’ve not done that – it’s an awful piece. Read the rest of this entry »


David Danced Before The Lord – On singing and dancing Francis Grier’s Missa Aedes Christi

Liturgical dance. What does that phrase mean to you? For a lot of people it’s a loaded term, coming pre-packed with images of multi-denominational faith services and perhaps some uncomfortable cultural exoticism. Until last year I’d had no direct experience of dance in the liturgy – a straight-down-the-line Anglican upbringing will do that for you. So when it was announced that a ‘danced eucharist’ would form part of Christ Church Cathedral Choir’s concert season last year, there were some bemused faces in the back rows of the stalls (my own among them). It turned to be a rare and enriching experience. Read the rest of this entry »