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Month: June, 2014

Listening: Harrison Birtwistle

Harrison Birtwistle performed by Ensemble ISIS, 25/06/14

Birtwistle is probably the Harrison with whom I am least familiar. Harrison Ford comes first, and then…actually I’m struggling to think of any others. I suppose a distant second could be the work of Harrison & Harrison, organ builders. Very distant second. But behind even them, Birtwistle – a lack of familiarity my phone keyboard chose to illustrate by rendering this week’s event as ‘birthwhistle concert at christ church’.
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Listening: BBC Choral Evensong/Vespers

Listening to online broadcasts of sung services might seem like something of a busman’s holiday for someone who regularly sings eight of them a week. However there’s a peculiar pleasure to sitting down with a cup of tea on a Monday morning (don’t be alarmed – it’s the church musician’s day off) and catching up with the BBC’s weekly broadcast, laconically reclining at one’s desk and asymptotically idling towards Inbox Zero. Read the rest of this entry »